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Easter Basket

Easter Basket


Treat someone special in your life to one of bakery easter baskets for the first time ever! 


Each basket will be different but will include:

- chocolate chip cookies

- chocolate bunny

- lollipops

- a boots beverage soda pop

- peanut butter eggs

- krispy treat

- sugar cookies

- pretzels

- sugar cookie sandwich 

- variety of easter candies


Basket colors, sugar cookies, sodas, lollipops, and candy could vary per basket! Each basket will be wrapped up with a bow.


Design/colors may vary slightly.


Please try to order with at least a weeks notice. Order subject to be canceled if not ordered with proper notice. Call the shop if needed sooner than a week to confirm availibility.


Last day to Pickup Easter orders is Friday, April 7th before we close at 12 pm. 

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