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Valentine's Day Items

All items below are available for pre-order. The last day for orders is February 5th. All orders must be paid for by February 9th or the order will not be completed. You can order by messaging us on social media or email or by calling the shop during operating hours.

Pick-up days: Fr. 2/11/22 Sat. 2/12/22 M. 2/14/22 during normal operating hours

box '22.jpg

Valentine's Day Box


1 chocolate raspberry cupcake, 1 heart zebra cake, 2 chocolate chip cookies with M&M's, 2 sugar cookies, 2 chocolate dipped pretzel sticks, 1 rock candy, variety of candies

price: $25

Heart Cookie Cake

Made from our delicious chocolate chip cookie dough, bordered with multi-colored vanilla buttercream and sprinkles. Perfect for sharing at your Valentine's Day Party!

Price: $20

heart cookie cake.jpg
heart brownie.jpg

Heart Brownie

Made from our tasty cosmic brownie batter, bordered with multicolored vanilla buttercream and sprinkles. Perfect for the chocolate lovers at Valentine's Day Parties!

Price: $18

Valentines Day Cookie Card

"Tacos before Vatos" card with a taco sugar cookie

Price: $7

"You're out of this World" card with a rocket ship sugar cookie

Price: $7

tacos before vatos.jpg
out of this world.jpg

"Loving you is no Prob-LLAMA" card with a llama sugar cookie

Price: $7

"I love you BEARY much" card with a bear sugar cookie

Price: $7

"Dear Cupid, find me RIP with a WHIP" card with a Rip Wheeler sugar cookie

Price: $7

"You make my heart SAUR" card with a dino sugar cookie

Price: $7

"You're Magical" card with a unicorn sugar cookie

Price: $7

"You make my heart MELT" card with ice cream cone heart sugar cookie

Price: $5


"You're a great CATCH" card with baseball heart sugar cookie

Price: $5

"I like you a LATTE" card with latte cup sugar cookie

Price: $5

"Te: _ AMO _QUIERO _ QUILA" card with margarita glass sugar cookie

Price: $5

"You are my cup of TEA" card with tea cup sugar cookie

Price: $5

"I like it DIRTY" card with a martini sugar cookie

Price: $5

Price: $5

hole log.jpg

"I like you a HOLE lot" card with donut sugar cookie

heart cupcake.jpg

Heart Cupcake

These cute heart cupcakes have a limited quantity so don't wait to order this cutie! Available in the following flavors: Chocolate, Strawberry, or Vanilla

Price: $5

Emoji Duo

We had to add a little "fun" to our valentine's day options! This box contains 1 peach and 1 eggplant sugar cookie with a tag tied around that box that reads "we go together like..."

Price: $10

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